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Island India Goes to School (1934)


Island India Goes to School (1934)


Title: Island India Goes to School
Author: Edwin R. Embree, Margaret Sargent Simon, W. Bryant Mumford
Publisher: University of Chicago Press, 1934.
Condition: Hardcover cloth, ornate batik cover. A bit of wear and flaking on spine otherwise very good.

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“Island India” refers to the Dutch East Indies (what is now Indonesia) and the book has nothing to do with India.

An account of the education system in Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Celebes, the Moluccas and New Guinea in the 1930s partly based on actual inspection and partly on gathered data. An interesting insight into the situation on the ground in those times in terms of education, though the colonial perspective and a complete misunderstanding of local culture and history is evident.


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