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The Life of Milarepa

The Life of Milarepa is a marvellous account of the enlightened Tibetan monk Milarepa, who lived in 12th century A.D. The remarkable story of Milarepa hinges on his early life of torment and misdeeds, during which he committed murderous acts through the practice of black magic. Overcome with remorse, Milarepa turns to religion and seeks out the great Master Marpa for guidance. A movie was made in in 1973, and again in 2007, on The Life of Milarepa.


Documentary Excerpt



Part One of the Film which unfortunately does not have English subtitles




On a personal note, the book has, for some reason, been following me around. I was first encouraged to read it by an elderly man who I respect a greal deal – the same day he spoke of Milarepa, I found the book staring at me in a bookstore. Before I could read it, I sold the book once, twice, thrice, until I told myself that I had to get a personal copy before another disappears again. And as these things go, by that time, the edition I’d first gotten had become out of print. So I purchased Lobsang Lhalungpa’s translation, which I enjoyed so much that I’m looking forward to comparing it with the other translations. Immediately after I finished the book, I picked up a book on Chinese Zen which, in its first few pages, mentioned the Milarepa yet again.