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The Line Between Truth and Fiction

Everyday, the line between truth and fiction gets blurrer and blurrer.

I’ve never been a fan of horror, be it movies, or novels, or even old wives’ tales of ghosts and superstition. I’ve never experienced the usual response of morbid fascination, since there seems to be some mechanism in my brain that insists on reminding me that it’s all FICTION.

People say the truth is stranger than fiction, and I’ve always believed that. At least, when it doesn’t involve anything out-of-this-world or supernatural. For example, I believe that the reality of human stupidity surpasses anything the imagination can come up with. The same goes for greed, corruption, and the weirdness of certain creatures in the animal kingdom, such as the amoeba or the bubble-shooting shrimp. But aliens, UFOs, giant robots and Beelzebub’s journey around the universe? Out of my league.

A few minutes ago, however, I found myself uploading H.P. Lovecraft and David Icke back-to-back. For those who haven’t heard of either, here’s an brief introduction:

Lovecraft: Excellent writer of horror stories.

Icke: Freak. Freak. Freak. Freak who makes some of the most outrageous claims of the century, like the world is run by reptiles clothed in human skin.

Now, here’s the truth/fiction dilemma. In one of his novels, Lovecraft talks about the Necronomicon, and ancient Sumerian occult text. Some people claim that Lovecraft made it up – it was in a horror story after all – and others claim that the book really exists, and has killed many, many who’ve tried to study or practise the things in there. (I don’t know what’s in there.) Some guy named Simon – not his real name – has even written a book, Dead Names, which traces the history of the real Necronomicon.


On the other hand, there’s David Icke, who truly, truly believes that everything he says is true. And he’s not the only one, too – there are hundreds or thousands or millions of people who agree with him. I know some of these people.

David Icke talks about the oppression of religion, reptilians, conspiracies, I don’t know. I can’t quite articulate it, and I suppose you’d find of more watching this video: