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Stupid Headlines

The GOHD Books team consists entirely of former journalists, so we often spend a large amount of time making up stupid headlines that we wish we had had the chance to write. Here are some of them:

“Microsoft takes a small bite out of Apple’s market”

“Iraqis hungry from lack of Dinars”

“Panasonic store swarmed by mutant hedgehogs”

“Nescafe in hot water: CEO caught attempting to sugarcoat contamination reports”

“Compaq customers complain of bulky packages”

“Chinese leaders meditate on Tibet issue”

“General Motors suffers from vague brand image”

“North Korea and Iran usher in the new year with a bang”

“SBS ticket prices fare poorly with customers”

“Proctor & Gamble bets on new cure for hemorrhoids”

“The Straits Times fires gay reporter”

“Federal Reserve chairman the loudest voice in media”

“Time runs out of itself: magazine unable to meet publishing deadline”

“Wikileaks dubbed ‘Toilet Journalism'”

“Paypal criticised for unfriendly user interface”

“Kellog’s Cereal faces credit crunch”

“British Pound exchange rates: a heavy burden on the economy”

“A* Institute fails student satisfaction survery”

“Penguin Books affected by global financial meltdown”

“Korean Won loses currency battle”

“The ship sails for ebay stockholders”