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When Will Sherlock Return?

As I gaze at our latest acquisition, The Works of Arthur Conan Doyle, I am reminded of Sherlock, the BBC tv series which aired its first season in 2010. Re-interpreted to suit the modern world, Sherlock is an edgy, fun series (one of the best Britain has produced of late) starring Benedict Cumberbatch (villain of the latest Star Trek film) as Sherlock. Incredibly, despite the ubiquity of mobile phones and computers in Sherlock, it manages to retain the spirit of the books – to me, at least.

In any case, there’ve been 2 seasons of Sherlock so far, and a total of a whopping six episodes. To be fair, each episode is an hour and a half long, but still, 6 episodes in 2 series doesn’t do much to satisfy the lusts of eagerly awaiting fans. The 3rd series, which was supposed to be aired early this year, is still in the works. The worst part of the whole thing is, the second season ended with one of the most irritating cliffhangers in the history of television, and what’s even more frustrating is needing to wait 2 years for it to resolve. Worse than real life.

At least the trailer’s out:





Many people have taken to watching Elementary instead – that’s the US version of Sherlock, starring Lucy Liu as Watson (seriously???!). I can’t get used to it. At least, at least, I can always rely on the books to quench my thirst for Sherlock.