A History of Europe – H. A. L. Fisher (1936)


A History of Europe – H. A. L. Fisher (1936)


Title: A History of Europe. Complete Edition in One Volume

Author: H. A. L. Fisher

Publisher: Edward Arnold, 1936.

Condition: Hardcover, cloth. Fair. Fading and rubbing to covers, including slight fraying to spine. Hinge cracked at title page. Some annotations in pencil. Tanned pages. A thick book, overseas shipping will cost extra.

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From the Preface:

I begin this book with neolithic man and conclude with Stalin and Mustapha Kemal, Mussolini and Hitler. Between these rough and rugged frontiers there are to be found some prospects flattering to human pride which it is a pleasure to recall to memory, the life-giving inrush of the Aryan peoples, the flowering of Greek genius, the long Roman peace, the cleansing tide of Christian ethics, the slow reconquest of classical learning after the barbaric invasions, the discovery through oceanic travel of the new world, the rationalism of the eighteenth, and the philanthropy and science of the nineteenth centuries.

Book 1 : Ancient and Medieval

Book 2: Renaissance, Reformation, Reason

Book 3: The Liberal Experiment