A Pageant of India – Adolf Waley (1927) (1st ed)


A Pageant of India – Adolf Waley (1927) (1st ed)


A history of India, from the dawn of civilisation to the death of Aurangzeb.

Title: A Pageant of India

Author: Adolf Waley

Publisher: Constable and Company, 1927. First edition.

Condition: Half leather with cloth. Ex-library book, with minimal library markings¬† including a few stamps here and there. Slight rubbing to cover. Book well-bound, text clean. Binding reinforced, but barely visible. 556pp, app 8.5″ x 5″.

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A history of India before British rule, covering the ancient history of India up till the death of Aurangzeb in 1707. Most of this fascinating account details the period of Islamic rule in India, including the House of Ghazni and the Dynasty of Khilji. Almost half the book is dedicated to Mughal rule in India, with all the gossip and intrigue plaguing Mughal courts.


Part I:

The Dawn of History
Macedonian and Maurya
The Buddhist Constantine
The Hindu Revival
The Kushan Conquerors and the Great Vehicle
The Golden Age of Hinduism
The Reign of Harsha

Part II:

The Sword of Islam, AD 712-997
The House of Ghazni, AD 1001-1180
The Passing of an Empire, AD 1186-1194
The Slave Kings of Delhi, AD 1194-1288
The Dynasty of Khilji, AD 1288-1321
Shifting Scenes, AD 1321-1524

Part III:

Babur and Humayun, AD 1524-1542
The Guardian of Manking, AD 1542-1605
Jehangir and Nur Jehan, AD 1605-1627
King of the World, AD 1627-1659
The Great Puritan of India, AD1659-1707