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A View of All Religions – William Ward (1824)


A View of All Religions – William Ward (1824)


Title: A View of All Religions; And the Religious Ceremonies of All Nations at the Present Day, in Four Parts, Including an Abridgment of “The Idolatory of the Hindoos”, with the Religion and Ceremonies of Other Pagan Nations
Author: William Ward, Thomas Robins
Publisher: Hartford, 1824.
Condition: Leatherbound, very poor. Pages 155-162 missing, contents of missing pages have something to do with Christianity. Lacks half title with scribbles on endpaper. Pages badly foxed. Engraved, with 2 engravings per page. A few pages torn but can still be read.

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About the book:

Unfortunately the condition of the book is quite atrocious, but its content extremely interesting. A detailed and fairly detached description of the various religions of the world, with some nice engravings.

Part 1: Christianity, including the common sects, Nestorian churches, the Armenian church, and other lesser-known sects.

Part 2: Judaism

Part 3: Mahometanism

Tabular Appendix containing a summary of the religion of different nations. E.g.,  “Asiatic Isles: Pagans and Mahometans, with an intermixture of European settlers of various nations”

The Idolatory of the Hindoos

The Religion of China, Japan, Thibet, African Tribes, American Indians.