Birds of Singapore Island – Bucknill & Chasen (1927) (1st ed)


Birds of Singapore Island – Bucknill & Chasen (1927) (1st ed)


Title: Birds of Singapore Island

Author: Sir John A S Bucknill, F N Chasen, G A Levett-Yeats (illus)

Publisher: Government Printing Office, Singapore, 1927. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, cloth, with colour inset boards. Binding shaken, small bits missing from edges of spine, pretty beaten-up exterior, fragile interior, an even browning of pages. With 31 beautiful colour illustrations.

This book is intended for the use of the uninitiated, both residents and visitors, who wish to know something of the birds they may see about them in Singapore Island. Not written for the ornithologist but for the general reader who wishes to “meet” the birds. With lovely illustrations.


(i) Preface

(ii) List of plates

(iii) Introduction —

1. Field work
2. Geographical
3. On the nomenclature of birds
4. The bird itself
5. Plan of the book

(iv) Systematic part —

1. Game birds
2. Hemipodes
3. Pigeons
4. Rails
5. Sea-birds and waders
6. Herons and bitterns
7. Eagles and hawks
8. Owls
9. Parrots
10. Picarian birds
11. Trogons
12. Cuckoos
13. Woodpeckers and barbets
14. Broadbills
15. Perching birds

(v) Index —

1. Popular names
2. Technical names
3. Malay names