Box set of 36 Ukiyo-e woodblock prints


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Box set of 36 Ukiyo-e woodblock prints


A massive set of 36 Japanese woodblock prints from the Edo period, measuring approximately 35″ by 25″. A modern handmade production. In near-fine condition; prints all pristine. Weighs approximately 7kg, overseas shipping will cost SG$250. Detailed descriptions below. 

Sold out!

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A very large box set of 36 handmade ukiyo-e woodblock prints, all reproductions of Edo-period works. The set comprises 18 large folders, each containing 2 prints in individual sleeves, and descriptions of the art in Japanese and English. All prints are erotic images, or of beautiful women.

The prints present are:

Kanisada, A Morning Visit to the Deity

Eisen, Two Pillows

Kunisada, Gohyakurakan Segaki Ritual

Eisen, Iwata Obi-sash

Utamaro, Gun

Utamaro, Woman Divers and a Kappa

Eisen, Eight Scenes of Shin-Yoshiwara: Komurasaki of Tamaya

Harunobu, Pipe

Kimoyaga, Three Tatsumi Geishas

Eisen, In Front of the Mirror

Utamaro, Round-the-Clock Scenes of a Brother-Dragon’s Hour

Eisen, Picture Scroll

Harunobu, Into Autumn

Eisen, Summer Style

Kunisada, A Geisha at her Toilet

Utamaro, “How Vexatious!”

Utamaro, Love Songs

Harunobu, Cotton Spinning

Kunisada, Eight Scenes of Women Being Together

Eisen, A Red Pipe

Eishi, Facing the Mirror

Eisen, A Full Moon

Eisyo, Beauties

Eisen, Hair Combing

Utamaro, Two Girls

Eisen, In the Foot Warner

Eisen, Morning Glories

Harunobu, In the Bed

Kiyonaga, The Bath

Eisen, A Houseboat

Kuniyasu, Early Spring

Eisen, A Maegami and a Girl

Hiroshige, A Poster

Eisen, Reading a Letter

Kunisada, Forty-Six Thousand Days

Utamaro, The Higher Floor of a Restaurant

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