Buddhist Texts Through the Ages – Edward Conze (1954) (1st ed)


Buddhist Texts Through the Ages – Edward Conze (1954) (1st ed)


Title: Buddhist Texts Through the Ages

Author: Edward Conze (ed.), I. B. Horner, D. Snellgrove, A. Waley

Publisher: Philosophical Library, New York, 1954. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, with dust jacket. Near fine. Some rubbing and wear to dust jacket, interior fine. 322pp.

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From jacket flap:

This volume contains:

A selection of the most important texts, both in prose and verse, covering the entire development of Buddhist faith and thought through the ages; chosen by four experts of the highest reputation in their field, translated from the original Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese and Apabhramsa into plain English, free from forbidding technical terms.

Contents include:

The Samgha

The Dhamma

The Mahayana

The Tantras

About Conze (from Wikipedia):

Eberhart (Edward) Julius Dietrich Conze (1904 – September 24, 1979) was an Anglo-German scholar probably best known for his pioneering translations of Buddhist texts.

Dr. Conze has been called “the foremost Western scholar of the Prajnaparamita literature.” It is especially significant that as a scholar of Buddhism he also tried to practice it, especially meditation. This was very unusual at the time he started his work, and he was regarded as eccentric in the 1940s and 1950s – objective scholars were not supposed to have any personal involvement in their subject. He was hence a forerunner of a new strain of Western scholars in Buddhism who are practicing Buddhists.