Chinese Civilization – Marcel Granet (1930) (1st ed)


Chinese Civilization – Marcel Granet (1930) (1st ed)


Title: Chinese Civilization

Author: Marcel Granet

Publisher: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. New York, 1930. First English edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Good. Some wear and rubbing to cover, some foxing to pages. Ex-libris stickers to endpaper. Binding tight, text clean. 444pp. 9.5 inches by 6 inches. A heavy book. Overseas shipping will cost extra.

An insightful book on ancient China, part of the “History of Civilization” series.


FIRST PART: Political History

BOOK ONE: Traditional History

  1. The Five Sovereigns
  2. The Three Royal Dynasties (Hsia, Yin, Chou)
  3. The Epoch of the Leaders and of the Combatant Kingdoms
  4. The Imperial Era (Chin, Han)

BOOK TWO: The Chief Data of Ancient History

  1. The Ages without Chronology
  2. The Feudal Period
  3. The Empire

Second Part: Chinese Society

BOOK ONE: The People of the Plains

  1. Life in the Fields
  2. Peasant Customs

BOOK TWO: The Foundation of the Chieftainships

  1. Holy Places and Cities
  2. Diffused Powers and Individual Authority
  3. Male Gods and Chieftains
  4. Rivalries of Brotherhoods
  5. The Agnatic Dynasties
  6. The Increments of Prestige
  7. The Principles of Infeudation

BOOK THREE: The Seigniorial Town

  1. The Town
  2. The Overlord
  3. Public Life
  4. Private Life

BOOK FOUR: Society at the Beginning of the Imperial Era

  1. The Emperor
  2. Social Changes

About the author (from Wikipedia):

Marcel Granet (29 February 1884 – 25 November 1940) was a French sociologist, ethnologist and sinologist. As a follower of Émile Durkheim and Édouard Chavannes, Granet was one of the first to bring sociological methods to the study of China. Granet was revered in his own time as a sociological sinologist, or sinological sociologist, and member of the Durkheimian school of sociology.