Chinese Love Tales – George de Morant (1935)


Chinese Love Tales – George de Morant (1935)


Title: Chinese Love Tales

Author: George Souile De Morant, Valenti Angelo (illus.)

Publisher: Three Sirens Press, New York, 1935.

Condition: Hardcover, with slipcase. Good. Damaged slipcase. Some dirt and wear to cover. Uncut pages. Text clean, binding tight. Illustrated.

A collection of Chinese love stories (some too explicit for Victorian tastes). Mostly from the Hsing­shih Heng-yen (Tales to Rouse the World), a Ming anthology of vernacular short stories from the 17th century.

Printed in the book:

“NOTE: Previously published as ‘Eastern Shame Girl’, this book was attacked – and acquitted – in the courts, with judicial recognition of its exceptional literary merit.

The original source of the stories appearing in this collection of Chinese love tales is the classic literature of China in the 17th century.”


  1. Eastern Shame Girl (Du Shiniang)
  2. The Wedding of Ya-Nei (The Everlasting Couple, from Hsing­shih Heng-yen or Tales to Rouse the World)
  3. A Strange Destiny (also from Hsing­shih Heng-yen, 14th tale)
  4. The Error of the Embroidered Slipper (Hsing­shih Heng-yen, 16th tale)
  5. The Counterfeit Old Woman (Hsing­shih Heng-yen, 10th tale)
  6. The Monastery of the Esteemed-Lotus (Hsing­shih Heng-yen, 39th tale)
  7. A Complicated Marriage (Hsing­shih Heng-yen, 8th tale)