Coffee: From Plantation to Cup – Francis B. Thurber (1887)


Coffee: From Plantation to Cup – Francis B. Thurber (1887)


Title: Coffee: From Plantation to Cup. A Brief History of Coffee Production and Consumption, with an Appendix, containing letters written during a trip to the coffee plantations of the East, and through the coffee consuming countries of Europe

Author: Francis B. Thurber

Publisher: American Grocer Publishing Association, 1887. 14th edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Very good. Very slight soiling and foxing to edges, binding sagging very slightly. Very slight wear to cover. With one slightly-foxed foldout table, and numerous black-and-white illustrations. 416pp., app 8.5″x5″. A heavy book, overseas shipping will cost extra.

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From the preface:

I have endeavored to tell the story of coffee in a practical way, so as to make the information valuable alike to consumers and dealers. I have been induced to add to the innumerable company of books from the fact that there seems to be a want for a work which, besides furnishing statistical and historical matter relative to the coffee-plant, should give the reader a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the world’s coffee supply, and the mode of preserving and preparing the coffee-bean so as to best secure all those qualities which make coffee the favorite beverage with most of the civilized nations of the earth.

Contents include:

The Plant and its Culture
Preparation of Coffee for Market
The Selection of the Bean
Roasting the Bean
Grinding, Blending, and Mixing Coffee
Making the Coffee (a list of recipes)
Early History of Coffee
The Mocha Berry
The Java Berry
Sumatra, and other Java sorts (Celebes, Singapore Java)
Cultivation in Ceylon
Cultivation in India
Liberian and other African Growths
Empire of Brazil, the Brazilian Product
Coffee Culture in the West Indies (along with chapters on Central America, Mexico, etc)
Adulteration of Coffee
The Coffee Trade
Coffee Consumption of the World,

along with Statistical Tables & Appendices