Daily Life in Ancient India – Jeannine Auboyer (1965) (1st ed)


Daily Life in Ancient India – Jeannine Auboyer (1965) (1st ed)


Title: Daily Life in Ancient India, from approximately 200 BC to AD 700

Author: Jeannine Auboyer, Simon Watson Taylor (trans.)

Publisher: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1965. First English edition.

Condition: Hardcover, with dust jacket. Book in very good condition, dust jacket in poor condition. With black and white photographic plates. 344pp., app 9″ by 6″.

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From jacket flap:

India is probably unique in that much of life today is still conducted according to patterns and traditions that have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Jeannine Auboyer, curater of Musee Guimet in Paris and a leading authority in her subject, therefore chose a period covering nearly a thousand years as the basis for this addition of the Daily Life series.

The nine centuries described in this book, ending with the political upheavals of the 7th century AD, coincide with a golden age of Indian civilisation. In the context of political and religious enlightenment, the Brahmanic and Buddhist religions flourished side by side; artistic creation was at its height and India’s most beautiful monasteries and shrines were founded then.

Throughout Daily Life in Ancient India, Jeannine Auboyer evokes the fascinating complexities of India’s ancient epoch, with its caste system, its endless ritual, and the ceremonial nature of human relations – even in the matters of love Here is the perfect introduction to one of the world’s most noble and refined civilizations.