Eastern Asia: A History – Ian C. Hannah (1911)


Eastern Asia: A History – Ian C. Hannah (1911)


Title: Eastern Asia: A History, being the Second Edition of A Brief History of Eastern Asia, entirely rewritten

Author: Ian C. Hannah

Publisher: T. Fisher Unwin, 1911. First thus.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Good. Spine severely sunned, some water damage to covers. Interior very good, with slight foxing. 327pp, app 9″ by 5.5″.

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  1. Early History of China
  2. Early History of India and of Buddhism
  3. Early History of Korea
  4. Early History of Japan
  5. Han and T’ang Dynasties of China
  6. Moslem Invasions of Asia
  7. The Mongols
  8. The Ming Dynasty of China
  9. The Portuguese in Asia
  10. The Moghal Empire
  11. The Shogunate in Japan
  12. Other Europeans Follow the Portuguese to the East
  13. The Manchu Rulers of China
  14. The French and the British in India
  15. Anglo-Chinese Wars
  16. The Opening of Japan and its Results
  17. The Indian Mutiny
  18. Indo-China and Borneo
  19. The Russians in Asia
  20. Recent Events and Present Position in the East

About the author (from Wikipedia):

Born in Chichester, he was president of the University of King’s College, in Windsor, Nova Scotia, from 1904-1906. In 1904 Campbell married American artist Edith Brand. After a spell in England, Hannah returned to America in 1915 to become professor of church history at the Oberlin Theological Seminary. He returned to the UK again in 1925, to live on his family estate near Edinburgh.

He first stood for parliament as a Liberal candidate for Sunderland at the 1924 General Election, with out success. He was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bilston constituency at the 1935 general election and held the seat until he died in office in 1944 aged 69.

Hannah published several books, many with illustrations by his wife, including Sussex (1912), Berwick and the Lothians (1913), The Heart of East Anglia, and Capitals of the Northlands (1914), and The Story of Scotland in Stone (1934). He was also a member and frequent speaker at the Sussex Archaeological Society, producing articles on the Prebendal School in Chichester, the Vicars’ Close at Chichester and on the town of Crawley, and later on the houses of Chichester Close, Brabletye and West Hothly.