English Journey/Angel Pavement/The Good Companions – J. B. Priestley (1960s)


English Journey/Angel Pavement/The Good Companions – J. B. Priestley (1960s)


Title: English Journey/Angel Pavement/The Good Companions (Set of 3 books)

Author: J B Priestley

Publisher: Heron Books, 1960s.

Condition: 3 vols. Leatherette. Near fine. Very slight foxing. App 7″ by 4″.  A heavy set, overseas shipping will cost extra.

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About English Journey (from Wikipedia):

English Journey is an account by J. B. Priestley of his travels in England which was published in 1934.

Commissioned by publisher Victor Gollancz to write a study of contemporary England, Priestley recounts his travels around England in 1933. He shares his observations on the social problems he witnesses, and appeals for democratic socialist change. English Journey was an influential work, inspiring George Orwell’s The Road to Wigan Pier, and “has even been credited with winning the 1945 election for the Labour Party”.

About Angel Pavement (from Wikipedia):

Angel Pavement is a novel by J. B. Priestley, published in 1930 after the enormous success of The Good Companions (1929).

It is a social panorama of the city of London, seen largely through the eyes of the employees of the firm Twigg & Dersingham, at No. 8, Angel Pavement. Their lives are changed after the arrival of a mysterious Mr Golspie, who assures the future of their veneer-and-inlay company through imports from the Baltic. The story has as backdrop the high levels of unemployment and economic insecurity of late 1920s London, immediately before the Great Depression.

About The Good Companions (from Wikipedia):

The Good Companions is a novel by the English author J. B. Priestley.

Written in 1929, it follows the fortunes of a concert party on a tour of England. It is Priestley’s most famous novel, and it established him as a national figure. It won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and was adapted twice into film.

The novel is written in picaresque style, and opens with the middle aged, discontented Jess Oakroyd in the fictional Yorkshire town of Bruddersford. He opts to leave his family and seek adventure “on t’road” (throughout the novel Priestley uses dialect for all non-RP speakers of English). He heads south down the Great North Road.

Intertwined with the story of Oakroyd’s travels are those of Elizabeth Trant and Inigo Jollifant, two similarly malcontented individuals. Miss Trant is an upper-middle class “spinster” and Jollifant is a teacher at a down-at-heel private school. All three ultimately encounter each other when a failing concert troupe (‘The Dinky Doos’) are disbanding as a result of their manager’s running off with the takings.