Greek Dress – Ethel B. Abrahams (1908) (1st ed)


Greek Dress – Ethel B. Abrahams (1908) (1st ed)


Title: Greek Dress: A Study of the Costumes Worn in Ancient Greece, from Pre-Hellenic Times to the Hellenistic Age

Author: Ethel B. Abrahams

Publisher: John Murray, 1908. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Ex-library book, with minimal library markings (a few stamps to the copyright page and a torn library sticker on the back endpaper). Text clean, slight tanning. With black-and-white plates and illustration, but not extensive – more of a study than a picture book. 134pp., 9″ by 6″.


From Preface:

The object of this book is to give a continuous account of the dress worn by the people inhabiting Greek lands, from the earliest times of which we have any record down to the Hellenistic age. The first chapter stands somewhat apart from the rest, since it deals with the costume of the race which occupied the Aegean shores before the real Hellenic races arrived on the scene, and of which we have abundant remains in Crete and elsewhere within the Aegean area.


  1. Introduction – Pre-Hellenic
  2. Homeric
  3. Doric
  4. Ionic
  5. The Maidens of the Acropolis – The Development of the Ionic Himation
  6. Materials and Ornamentation
  7. Hair and Head-dress
  8. Footgear
  9. The Toilet – Conclusion

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