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Hindu Polity – K. P. Jayaswal


Hindu Polity – K. P. Jayaswal


Title: Hindu Polity: A Constitutional History of India in Hindu Times

Author: K. P. Jayaswal

Publisher: The Bangalore Printing & Publishing Co., 1955. Third edition.

Condition: Hardcover, with dust jacket. Fair. Some wear to dust jacket and some tanning to pages, printed in India. Front and back hinges cracked. 414pp., ap 9″ by 6″.

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Contents include:

  1. Scope and Sources
  2. Samiti: The Sovereign Assembly of Vedic Times
  3. The Sabha
  4. Rise of Hindu Republics
  5. Republics in Panini
  6. Republican Origin of Buddhist Samgha
  7. Republics in the Artha-Sastra
  8. Hindu Republics in Greek Writers
  9. Constitutional Survey of the Hindu Republics in Greek Writers
  10. Technical Hindu Constitutions
  11. Procedure of Deliberation in Hindu Republics
  12. Franchise and Citizenship
  13. Judicial Administration
  14. Characteristics of Republics According to the Mahabharata
  15. Republics Under the Mauryas
  16. Republics in Sunga Times and Later
  17. Disappearance of the Republics
  18. Criticism on Hindu Republican Systems
  19. Hindu Monarchy
  20. The Vedic King and his Election
  21. Coronation Ceremonies
  22. The Janapada or the Realm Assembly
  23. Opinion of Thinkers and General Public Opinion
  24. Council of Ministers
  25. Law and Administration
  26. Taxation
  27. Economics in Government
  28. Hindu Imperial Systems