Life – Leo Tolstoy (1889) (1st ed)


Life – Leo Tolstoy (1889) (1st ed)


First UK edition of the first English translation of Tolstoy’s Life, containing a series of philosophical essays on the nature of Man.

Title: Life

Author: Lyof N. Tolstoi, Isabel F. Hapgood (trans)

Publisher: Walter Scott, London, 1889. First English edition published in the UK.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Reading copy only. Book is in generally very good condition, except for a few pages, as well as endpapers, which are scribbled over with a pen. The text is still very legible, but the scribbles are unsightly. Slight foxing. 295pp., app 7″ x 4.5″.

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Life is a series of philosophical essays, whose contents include the following:

  1. The Fundamental Contradiction of Human Life
  2. The Sole Aim of Life
  3. The Teachings of the Wise Men, under the Idea of the Whole Life of Man presents the Visible Phenomena of his Animal Existence, and from then draws Deductions as to the Aim of His Life
  4. The Partition of Sense arises from the Blending of the Life of the Animal with the Life of Man
  5. The Birth of True Life in Man
  6. Reason is the Acknowledgement by Man of the Laws according to which his Life must be accomplished
  7. The False Doctrine of Learning
  8. The Animal Personality is the Instrument of Life
  9. Birth in the Spirit
  10. The Demands of Rational consciousness….

and more….