Main Currents of Indian History – R. C. Majumdar (1979) (1st ed)


Main Currents of Indian History – R. C. Majumdar (1979) (1st ed)


Title: Main Currents of Indian History

Author: R. C. Majumdar, P. N. Chopra

Publisher: Humanities Press, 1979. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, with dust jacket. Good. Wear to dust jacket, including a small closed tear. Sparsely annotated. Binding tight. With numerous black-and-white plates and 4 foldout maps. App 7″ by 4.5″. 328pp.

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From jacket flap:

This book deals with the main currents of Indian history – political, religious and social – from the earliest times to the post-independence period. It is primarily intended for those who have neither the leisure nor perhaps the inclination to go through big volumes on the subject but who would still like to possess authentic knowledge of India’s past, knowing that the present image of the country owes so much to its past greatness. This book will thus enable such readers to bring a well informed mind to bear upon a proper solution of some important problems which face the country today, such as national integration, caste and communal issues which do no take into consideration many relevant faces of India’s past history but have an important bearing on the formulation for the future. Originally written by R. C. Majumdar and brought up-to-date by Dr P. N. Chopra, it is hoped, that this book will make a substantial contribution to the understanding of many current problems in the light of past achievements and failures.

Contents include:

  1. Ancient Period – Indus Valley, Aryans, Maurya Empire, Gupta Empire, Sultan Mahmud, The Deccan, Southern India
  2. Medieval Period – Muslim Invasion of India, Pre-Mughal Muslim Rule, Mughal Empire, Fall of the Mughal Empire
  3. Modern Period – European Trading Companies, Consolidation of British Power, 1857, English education, Mahatma Gandhi