Malaysia – J. M. Gullick (1969) (1st ed)


Malaysia – J. M. Gullick (1969) (1st ed)


Title: Malaysia

Author: J. M. Gullick

Publisher: Ernest Benn, London, 1969. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Ex-library book with all library markings. TSlight foxing. With 27 black-and-white photographic plates and a clean foldout map. 304pp., app 8.5″ by 5″.


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Malaysia

  • History from the Malacca Sultanate to the Straits Settlements (1400-1825)
  • The Unification of Malaya (1824-1914)
  • Political Evolution Under British Rule (to 1942)
  • Economic Development (to 1942)
  • Population Growth and Social Change
  • The Growth of Nationalism in Malaya
  • End of an Era – The Japanese Occupation
  • Post-war Reconstruction
  • The Communist Revolt
  • Independence for the Federation of Malaya (1948-57)

Part 3: Singapore

Part 4: The Borneo Territories

Part 5: Malaysia

  • The Making of Malaysia
  • Malaysia and South-East Asia
  • Defence and Foreign Policy
  • Politics in Malaysia
  • Economic Questions
  • Rural Development
  • The Urban Worker
  • Education in Malaysia

Appendix 1: The Territories of Malaysia

Appendix 2: Statistical Tables

About the author (from Wikipedia):

J.M. Gullick (6 February 1916 – 8 April 2012) was a British Orientalist who is chiefly remembered for his ground-breaking contributions to the study of pre-colonial and early colonial Malay society, Indigenous Political Systems of Western Malaya (1958), Malay Society in the Late Nineteenth Century: The Beginnings of Change (1987) and Rulers and Residents: Influence and Power in the Malay States 1870-1920 (1992).