Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei – Joginder Singh Jessy (1974)


Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei – Joginder Singh Jessy (1974)


A revised edition of Jessy’s History of Malaya and an old textbook that is, by all accounts, one of the best histories of Malaya ever written, now scarce. 

Title: Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, 1400-1965

Author: Joginder Singh Jessy

Publisher: Longmans, 1974. 2nd revised edition.

Condition: Paperback, very good. Slight rubbing to covers. Inscription to title page. Slight foxing to edges. Text clean, binding tight. Barcode sticker to back cover. With numerous black-and-white photographs, illustrations, and maps. 559pp., 9″x6″.

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Written by an educator who was, at the time of writing this book, the Principal of Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid (where Tunku Abdul Rahman and other notables studied), Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei is a textbook that happens to also be one of the best introductions to the subject ever written. This is an updated, revised version of his History of Malaya (published 1961), and has been edited in light of new events, and also for the purposes of the national History curriculum. Clear and concise, Jessy not only manages to describe important events and people, but also the nuances of each.

Contents include:


The Indianized Kingdoms of South-East Asia (including Kambuja, Sri Vijaya, Majapahit & Thai)

Part 1: The Malacca Sultanate (1400-1511)
The Malacca Sultanate
Malacca and the Spread of Islam
Part 2: The Advent of the Europeans and Relations with the Malay Powers ((1511-1786)
The Arrival of the Portuguese
The Portuguese at Malacca
Malacca under the Dutch
The Bugis, Johor, and the Dutch


Part 3: The Malay States and the Extension of British Influence (1786-1873)
The Formation of the Stratis Settlements
Britain, Siam & The Northern Malay States
The Growth of the Straits Settlements
Anarchy in the Malay States

Part 4: Under British Rule (1873-1942)
Intervention in the Malay States
The Residential System
The Progress of Singapore
The Federated Malay States

Part 5: The Pacific War, Nationalism and Malaysia (1942-65)
Under the Japanese Cloud
Towards Independence


Genealogical Table of the Sultans of Perak



Land Systems of Malaya