Men of Malaya – Clive Dalton (1942) (1st ed)


Men of Malaya – Clive Dalton (1942) (1st ed)


Title: Men of Malaya

Author: Clive Dalton

Publisher: Eldon Press Limited, 1942. First edition. Very rare, published during the fall of Singapore to Japan.

Condition: Hardcover, re-bound into leather spine and corners and cloth boards. In excellent condition.

The history of Malaya portrayed through the biographies of six British pioneers and leaders there:

Frances Light

Thomas Stamford Raffles

James Brooke

Andrew Clarke

Hugh Low

Frank Swettenham

The author, Clive Dalton, wrote several fiction and non-fiction books from 1937 all the way to the 1970s, depicting life and adventure in this region. His works include: A Child in the Sun, Malay Schooner, Mystery of the Malay Schooner, Malay Cruise, Malay Pirate, Malay Treasure, etc.