Monsoon Country – Pira Sudham (signed)


Monsoon Country – Pira Sudham (signed)


Title: Monsoon Country

Author: Pira Sudham

Publisher: Rother at Bodiam, 1993. (Rothershire Edition)

Condition: Paperback, fair. Signed by author.

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This book, by Thai author Pira Sudham, was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

About the book:

Set in Thailand, England and Germany, Monsoon Country conveys the cultural tension between the East and the West, the clashes between the new powers and the old values, covering twenty-five years of socio-economic and political change in Thailand. This novel gives, as no fiction account about Thailand has yet done, insights into Thai life, particularly that of rural Thailand. Foreign writers writing about the Thai people look at Thailand from the – outside”, but Pira Sudham writes about his people and country as seen from the – inside,” thus giving us a fascinating work.

About the author (from Wikipedia):

Pira Sudham (Pira Canning Sudham) is an author of Thai descent. He was born in a village in Isan in northeastern Thailand. At age fourteen, he left Isan for Bangkok to become a servant to Buddhist monks in a monastery where he attended secondary school. Later, he entered Triam Udom High School, before gaining a place at Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. He won a New Zealand government scholarship to read English Literature at Auckland University and then Victoria University of Wellington, where his first story was published by New Zealand’s leading literary quarterly Landfall. Since then, Pira Sudham has been writing short stories, poems, and novels in English. He has not produced any literary works in the Thai language.