Myths of China and Japan (1900s)


Myths of China and Japan (1900s)


Title: Myths of China and Japan

Author: Donald A. Mackenzie

Publisher: The Gresham Publishing Company. No date, probably 1910s-1920s.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Good. Slight fraying to spine, slight marks to back cover, and foxing to edges. Binding tight, text unmarked. 404pp.

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About the book:


The Dawn of Civilization

A Far-travelled Invention

Ancient Mariners and Explorers

The World-wide Search for Wealth

Chinese Dragon Lore

Bird and Serpent Myths

Dragon Folk-stories

The Kingdom Under the Sea

The Islands of the Blest

The Mother-Goddess of China and Japan

Tree, Herb and Stone-Lore

How Copper-culture Reached China

The Symbolism of Jade

Creation Myths and the God and Goddess Cults

Mythical and Legendary Kings

Myths and Doctrines of Taoism

Culture Mixing in japan

Japanese Gods and Dragons

Rival Deities of Life and Death

The Dragon-Slayer and Her Rival

Ancient Mikados and Heroes