Papuan Epic – Keith Bushell (1936) (1st edition)


Papuan Epic – Keith Bushell (1936) (1st edition)


Title: Papuan Epic

Author: Keith Bushell

Publisher: Seeley, Service & Co., London, 1936. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Very good. Some fading to cover and some foxing to pages. With school prize plate on endpaper, and embossed crest to cover. 316pp. With 16 very interesting black-and-white photographic plates.

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An utterly fascinating account of cannibalism in Papua New Guinea.


If the readers of this book should wonder why it was thought necessary to narrate personal adventures amongst Papuan cannibal tribes in the third person, I would like to explain that my purpose in adopting this unusual method was mainly to exclude the personal pronoun and its implied self-praise…

The whole contents of this book are perfectly true. The native and white characters were all known to me personally, and it has been part of my plan to perpetuate, in some small degree, at least, their names as pioneers of this still wild and primitive Papual..”


  1. A Discovery
  2. The White Savage
  3. The School of Civilisation
  4. Serious Lessons
  5. Captured by Cannibals
  6. Discoveries of Desperation
  7. Adventures of a White Savage
  8. A Fresh Start
  9. Enterprise at East Cape
  10. Camped in Cannibal Country
  11. A Skirmish with Savages
  12. An Unknown World
  13. Confessions of a Cannibal
  14. An Emergency Operation
  15. The Battle of Pai-Wa
  16. Cries of Alarm
  17. Proofs of a Premonition
  18. Driven into the Sea
  19. The Downfall of Pumpkin
  20. A Stranger at East Cape
  21. Breaking the Road
  22. Another Punitive Expedition
  23. The Battle of Ebadidi
  24. Savage Psychology
  25. Goodenough Island
  26. The Menace of Managi
  27. The Lighthouse of Boianai
  28. The Departure of Donovan
  29. Index