Paradise Regained / Samson Agonistes / Poems – John Milton (1753)


Paradise Regained / Samson Agonistes / Poems – John Milton (1753)


Title: Paradise Regained / Samson Agonistes / Poems

Author: John Milton

Publisher: London. Printed for J and R Tonson and S. Draper: and for T Longman, S. Birt, C. Hitch, R. Ware, J. Hodges, C. Corbet, J. Brindley and J. Ward, 1753.

Condition: Full leather, calf. Fair. Binding very fragile, hinges cracked. Inscriptions dated 1784 and 1797 to endpaper. Interior very good, text-block solidly bound. Pocket size. 350pp.

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About Paradise Regained (from wikipedia):

Paradise Regained deals with the subject of the Temptation of Christ.

The poem was composed in Milton’s cottage in Chalfont St Giles in Buckinghamshire, and was based on the Gospel of Luke’s version of the Temptation of Christ. Paradise Regained is four books in length, in contrast with Paradise Lost’s twelve.

One of the major concepts emphasized throughout Paradise Regained is the play on reversals. As implied by its title, Milton sets out to reverse the “loss” of Paradise. Thus, antonyms are often found next to each other throughout the poem, reinforcing the idea that everything that was lost in the first epic is going to be regained by the end of the mini-epic.

Additionally, this work focuses on the idea of “hunger”, both in a literal and in a spiritual sense. After wandering in the wilderness for forty days Jesus is starved of both food and the Word of God. Satan, too blind to see any non-literal meanings of the term, offers Christ food and various other temptations, but Jesus continually denies him.