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Psychology & Advertising – A. P. Braddock (1932) (1st ed)


Psychology & Advertising – A. P. Braddock (1932) (1st ed)


Title: Psychology and Advertising

Author: A. P. Braddock

Publisher: Butterworth & Co., 1932. First edition. Part of “The Library of Advertising” series.

Condition: Hardcover, cloth. Good. Slight wear to cover and some foxing to edges and prelims. Text clean, binding tight. 246pp., app 8″ by 5.5″.

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From the foreword:

It is being more and more firmly held that the successful advertiser must first make a study of Psychology. As a matter of fact he always has had some considerable empiric knowledge of the reactions he might expect from the people who noticed his advertisements, but his principles were based upon long experience with much trial and possible many failures. Now that Psychology has definitely taken its place among the Sciences an unnecessary waste of time is involved in collating all the experiences at first hand; the would-be advertiser can make use of much that has been collated for him. This book has been compiled with especial regard to the practical needs of those who seek the principles underlying good advertising, and it is hoped that even with its numerous faults and shortcomings, it will serve to give a review of the science of Psychology and direct attention towards its application in the region of special interest to its reader, viz., that of advertisement.

Sensation and Perception
Instinct, Suggestion and Habit
Feeling and Choice
The “Unconscious”
Aesthetic Values
Measurement of Intelligence
Character and Personality
Concept, Belief and Conviction
Sentiments. The Advertisement’s Appeal
Appendix. Correlation.