Raphael’s Book of Dreams (1886)


Raphael’s Book of Dreams (1886)


A manual on dream interpretation.

Title: Raphael’s Book of Dreams

Author: Edwin Raphael

Publisher: W. Foulsham & Co., London, 1886. 2nd edition.

Condition: Hardcover, good. A small, pocket-size book. Top edge of spine chipped, exposing binding, and some rubbing and fading to covers. Otherwise very good. Text clean and binding tight. 179pp.

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A manual on dream interpretation, explaining to the reader how to use ciphers to interpret dreams, with very detailed explanations on how to come up with these ciphers. The author presents tables of these ciphers, arranged according to the planets, the constellations, and other such categories. At the back of the book is also a various possible dreams, arranged like a dictionary, and what they might mean – although the author cautions the readers against using such an interpretations, and argues that the ciphers in the first part are more accurate.

From part of Preface:

Dreams, in my opinion, are caused by the Soul – that is, when the sensual and mortal parts of man are, as it were, dead, then the Soul shines forth, and produces certain impressions upon the brain, these impressions being dreams. If dreams are not caused by some occult agency, how is it that you frequently dream of persons, things, or places you never saw, thought of, or heard about? Something cannot come from nothing; there must be a cause.

Again, for what purpose are dreams? Everything was sent for a purpose, and you cannot reasonably suppose that the Almighty Creator of all things permitted man to dream without a purpose; you may believe me, reader, when I tell you that the more you study your dreams the more you will find in them – you will discover that they are prophetic, and, if obeyed, may save you from many troubles.