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Red Shadow Over Malaya – M. C. A. Henniker (1955) (1st ed)


Red Shadow Over Malaya – M. C. A. Henniker (1955) (1st ed)


Title: Red Shadow Over Malaya

Author: Brigadier M. C. A. Henniker, Field-Marshal Sir John Harding (foreword)

Publisher: William Blackwood & Sons, 1955. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Very good. Some fading to spine. Text clean, binding tight, with black-and-white plates. 303pp., app 8″ by 5,5″.

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From foreword:

In this book Brigadier Henniker describes the operations carried out in Malaya by his brigade during the three years he commanded it. Based on first-hand experience, it is a story of real and lively interest to the layman as well as to the military leader.

Some of the questions Brigadier Henniker touches on are of course controversial, and individual readers will have their own opinion; but irrespective of such matters there are three features of the campaign against the Communist terrorists in Malaya that stand out prominently throughout the story. First, the wide variety of tasks which the troops in Malaya are called upon to perform, and the imagination and skill, the endurance and patience with which the many difficulties that surround these tasks have been met and overcome. Second, the very high standard demanded of the leaders, both military and civilian at all levels, which the author himself proved by his own example. And third, the fact that in conditions such as exist in Malaya, close and happy relationships between the Armed forces, the Police and the Civil Administration are of crucial importance.