Singapore and its Neighbours – R M Croucher (1969) (1st ed)


Singapore and its Neighbours – R M Croucher (1969) (1st ed)


A book about Singapore meant for school children, presumably in the UK.

Title: Singapore and its Neighbours

Author:R M Croucher

Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co., London, 1969. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover. A tall, thin children’s book. In good condition, with slight foxing and slight wear to cover. Profusely illustrated. App 11″ by 8″, 97pp.

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A tall, thin book meant for school children in the UK. A companion book to “Exploring the World”. Colour illustrations on every page, covering Singapore, the development of Singapore, as well as Malaysia. Attempts to show the daily lives and trades of people here, with characters like Beng Khoo, Pa’Seman and others.


  1. In a Busy City – Singapore
  2. A Shop in Singapore
  3. Beng Khoo Works in a Factory
  4. Making Bricks and Cement
  5. How Water Comes to Singapore
  6. A Vegetable Garden
  7. Pa’Seman, the Fisherman
  8. The Kelong Fishermen
  9. A Paddy Field in Kedah
  10. Workers on a Rubber Estate
  11. The Tree of a Hundred Uses
  12. Learning about Oil Palms
  13. A Pineapple Estate in Johore
  14. Andah lives Deep in the Malayan Forest
  15. A Class Outing to a Tin Mine
  16. Learning More about Tin Mining
  17. Transport by Road and Rail
  18. The Port Workers of Singapore
  19. Air Travel and Transport
  20. A Visit to a Timber Camp in Sabah
  21. Life in a Longhouse in Sarawak
  22. Mining “Black Gold”
  23. The Paddy Farmers of Thailand
  24. U Mah, the Elephant Boy
  25. The Sugar-cane Growers of the Philippines