The Beautiful Vampire – Theophile Gautier (1926)


The Beautiful Vampire – Theophile Gautier (1926)


Title: The Beautiful Vampire

Author: Theophile Gautier, Paul Hookham (trans)

Publisher: A. M. Philpot, London. No date, research reveals it to be circa 1926.

Condition: Hardcover, decorative boards. Very good. Some foxing to edges and first few pages. Well-bound. 110pp. 7.5″ by 5″.

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About the book (from Wikipedia):

“La Morte amoureuse” (in English: “The Dead (Woman) in Love”) is a short story written by Théophile Gautier and published in La Chronique de Paris in 1836. It tells the story of a priest named Romuald who falls in love with Clarimonde, a beautiful woman who turns out to be a vampire.

In La Morte Amoureuse, the priest who falls in love with Clarimonde experiences a sense of anxiety. Once Clarimonde dies, she becomes a vampire and is constantly possessing the priest throughout the story.

About the author (from Wikipedia):

Pierre Jules Théophile Gautier (30 August 1811 – 23 October 1872) was a French poet, dramatist, novelist, journalist, and art and literary critic.

While an ardent defender of Romanticism, Gautier’s work is difficult to classify and remains a point of reference for many subsequent literary traditions such as Parnassianism, Symbolism, Decadence and Modernism. He was widely esteemed by writers as disparate as Balzac, Baudelaire, the Goncourt brothers, Flaubert, Pound, Eliot, James, Proust and Wilde.