The Cambridge Shorter History of India (1934) (1st ed)


The Cambridge Shorter History of India (1934) (1st ed)


An abridged (but still hefty) version of The Cambridge History of India, originally published in 5 volumes.

Title: The Cambridge Shorter History of India

Author: J. Allan, Sir T. Wolseley Haig, H. H. Dodwell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1934. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Very good. Slight bumps to corners. Edges evenly sunned. Text clean, binding tight. Slight creases to the edges of the last few pages. 970pp., app 8″x5″.

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Contents include:

PART 1: Ancient India

Sources and Early History (including the Vedic and Brahmanic Periods)
The Early Mauryas
Asoka, The Sungas and the Andhiras
Foreign Invaders of North-West India
The Gupta Period
Northern India in Medieval Times
The Deccan
South India

PART 2: Muslim India

Early Muslim Conquests
The Khaljis and the Tughluks
The Sayyid and the Lodi Dynasties
The Kingdom of Bengal
The Kingdoms of the Deccan and Vijayanagar
Gujarat, Malwa and Khandesh
Babur, Humayun and the Afghans
(Plus a chapter each on the Mughal emperors, e.g., Akbar, Jahangir, etc)
Aurangzib in the Deccan
The Successors of Aurangzib

PART 3: British India

The Coming of European Influence (Vasco da Gama, Albuquerque, etc)
The East India Company, 1600-1740
Dupleix and Clive
Warren Hastings
The Establishment of the East India Company as the Supreme Power in India, 1784-1818
The Company’s Last Conquests (Ranjit Singh, Burmese Wars)
Chapters on Administration, Arms, the Indian Mutiny
Central Asia and the Routes of India
Burma, 1852-1918
The Crown
Education and Political Developments
The Morley-Minto Reforms
Political Development, 1910-19