The Casquet of Literature, vols 2 & 3 (1880)


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The Casquet of Literature, vols 2 & 3 (1880)


Title: The Casquet of Literature, being a selection in poetry and prose from the works of the most admired authors. vols 2 & 3
Author: Charles Gibbon (ed)
Publisher: Blackie & Son, 1880
Condition: Decorative cloth. Gilt to all edges. Clean, bright, with very minor foxing. Illustrated with black and white engravings on individual plates. Vols 2 & 3 out of 6 vols. Shipping overseas will cost extra.

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About the book:

These books are part of a 6 volume set containing excerpts from the works of famous authors of the day, and each volume can stand alone as an individual book.

The authors featured in volumes 2 and 3 include:

George Macdonald

John Keats

Sir Walter Scott


Martin Luther

Ben Jonson

Oliver Goldsmith

Charles Lamb

S. T. Coleridge


Lord Byron

Jane Austen

Edgar Allan Poe


Matthe Arnold

Mary Shelley

The Brothers Grimm

Robert Browning


Ralph Waldo Emerson

John Milton

William Wordsworth

John James Audubon


About Charles Gibbon (from Wikipedia):

Charles Gibbon (1843–1890) was a British novelist.

A three-volume novel Dangerous Connexions was published by Gibbon in 1864, which had a second edition in 1875. The Dead Heart followed in 1865, and Gibbon went on to publish some thirty novels, including were Robin Gray (1869; other editions 1872 and 1877) and For Lack of Gold (1871; other editions 1873 and 1877). Gibbon’s Scottish novels have been compared with those of William Black. Ten novels featured “Detective Dier”, a character based on Edmund Reid, who was a friend of Gibbon’s.

Gibbon also edited The Casquet of Literature (6 vols. 1873-4), and wrote a Life of George Combe, in whose theories he was interested.