The Economic Principles of Confucius & His School (2 Vols)


The Economic Principles of Confucius & His School (2 Vols)


Title: The Economic Principles of Confucius and His School
Author: Chen Huan-Chang
ISBN: 0879680806
Publisher: Gordon Press, 1974
Condition: Hardcover, red leatherette with gilt on board and spine. New. 750 pages.



1. Confucius and his school: Life of Confucius; fundamental concepts of Confucius; writings of Confucius and his disciples; historical movements of Confucianism

2. Relation of economics to other sciences: economics and other sciences in general; sociology; politics; ethics

3. General economic principles: economic development as the chief cause of progress; economic organization; economic policies and the divisions of economics

4. Consumption: general principles; happiness for both rich and poor; different ways of getting pleasure; general standard of expenditure; particular expenditures

5. Factors of production: three factors of production; labor — population; nature and capital

6. Branches of production: in general; agriculture; industry; commerce

7. Distribution: general principles, rent, interest and profits; wages

8. Socialistic policies: the Tsing Tien system; monopoly; exclusion of the ruling class from the economic field; government control of demand and supply; govt control of grain; govt loans and public relief

9. Public finance: public expenditures; taxation in general; direct taxes; indirect taxes

10. Conclusion.