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The Lands of the Saracen – Bayard Taylor (1864)


The Lands of the Saracen – Bayard Taylor (1864)


Title: The Lands of the Saracens, or Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor, Sicily and Spain
Author: Bayard Taylor
Publisher: GP Putnam, 1864. 20th edition.
Condition: Hardcover, leather spine. In generally good condition, some foxing to the interior, firmly bound.

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This work includes my travels in Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, Sicily and Spain. Although many of the letters, contained in this volume, describe beaten tracks of travel, I have always given my own individual impressions, and may claim for them the merit of entire sincerity. The journey from Aleppo to Constantinople, through the heart of Asia Minor, illustrates regions rarely traversed by tourists, and will, no doubt, be new to most of my readers. My aim, throughout the work, has been to give correct pictures of Oriental life and scenery, leaving antiquarian research and speculation to abler hands. The scholar, or the man of science, may complain with reason that I have neglected valuable opportunities for adding something to the stock of human knowledge: but if a few of the many thousands, who can only travel by their firesides, should find my pages answer the purpose of a series of cosmoramic views – should in them behold with a clearer inward eye the hills of Palestine, the sun-gilded minarets of Damascus, or the lonely pine-forests of Phrygia – should feel, by turns, something of the inspiration and the indolence of the Orient – I shall have achieved all I designed, and more than I can justly hope.


Chapter I. Life in a Syrian Quarantine.
Chapter II. The Coast of Palestine.
Chapter III. From Jaffa to Jerusalem.
Chapter IV. The Dead Sea and the Jordan River.
Chapter V. The City of Christ.
Chapter VI. The Hill-Country of Palestine.
Chapter VII. The Country of Galilee.
Chapter VIII. Crossing the Anti-Lebanon.
Chapter IX. Pictures of Damascus.
Chapter X. The Visions of Hasheesh.
Chapter XI. A Dissertation on Bathing and Bodies.
Chapter XII. Baalbec and Lebanon.
Chapter XIII. Pipes and Coffee.
Chapter XIV. Journey to Antioch and Aleppo.
Chapter XV. Life in Aleppo.
Chapter XVI. Through the Syrian Gates.
Chapter XVII. Adana and Tarsus.
Chapter XVIII. The Pass of Mount Taurus.
Chapter XIX. The Plains of Karamania.
Chapter XX. Scenes in Konia.
Chapter XXI. The Heart of Asia Minor.
Chapter XXII. The Forests of Phrygia.
Chapter XXIII. Kiutahya and the Ruins of OEzani.
Chapter XXIV. The Mysian Olympus.
Chapter XXV. Brousa and the Sea of Marmora.
Chapter XXVI. The Night of Predestination.
Chapter XXVII. The Solemnities of Bairam.
Chapter XXVIII. The Mosques of Constantinople.
Chapter XXIX. Farewell to the Orient – Malta.
Chapter XXX. The Festival of St. Agatha.
Chapter XXXI. The Eruption of Mount Etna.
Chapter XXXII. Gibraltar.
Chapter XXXIII. Cadiz And Seville.
Chapter XXXIV. Journey in a Spanish Diligence.
Chapter XXXV. Granada And The Alhambra.
Chapter XXXVI. The Bridle-Roads of Andalusia.
Chapter XXXVII. The Mountains of Ronda.