The Life-History of a Brahui – Denys Bray (1913) (1st edition)


The Life-History of a Brahui – Denys Bray (1913) (1st edition)


Title: The Life-History of a Brahui

Author: Denys Bray

Publisher: Royal Asiatic Society, London, 1913. Prize Publication Fund, Vol IV. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Very good. Prize plate and inscription on endpapers, some tanning to endpapers. Binding tight, text very clean.

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An interesting, detailed and fairly early account of the community known as the Brahui, a Dravidian community living in Pakistan and Central Asia. With an interesting prize plate on the endpaper, which reads:

“Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland Prize Publiction Fund. Founded by the generosity of H.H. The Raja of Cochin, The Maharaja Gajapati, The Raja of Parlakimedi and other Chiefs and Gentlemen of Southern India”

About the Brahui (from Wiki):

The Brahui are an ethnic group of about 2.2 million people with the vast majority found in Baluchistan, Pakistan as well as Afghanistan, where they are native, but they are also found through their diaspora in Middle Eastern states. The Brahuis are almost entirely Sunni Muslims.

The ethnonym “Brahui” is a very old term and a purely Dravidian one. The fact that other Dravidian languages only exist further south in India has led to several speculations about the origins of the Brahui. There are three hypotheses regarding the Brahui that have been proposed by academics. One theory is that the Brahui are a relict population of Dravidians, surrounded by speakers of Indo-Iranian languages, remaining from a time when Dravidian was more widespread. Another theory is that they migrated to Baluchistan from inner India during the early Muslim period of the 13th or 14th centuries.A third theory says the Brahui migrated to Balochistan from Central India after 1000 AD. The absence of any older Iranian (Avestan) influence in Brahui supports this last hypothesis. The main Iranian contributor to Brahui vocabulary is a northwestern Iranian language, Baluchi, Sindhi and southeastern Iranian language, Pashto.