The Military-Industrial Complex of the USA (1977) (1st ed)


The Military-Industrial Complex of the USA (1977) (1st ed)


Title: The Military-Industrial Complex of the USA

Author: B. Pyadyshev

Publisher: Progress Publishers, Moscos, 1977. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, with dust jacket. Near fine. 187pp., app 8″ by 5″.

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From dust jacket:

B. Pyadyshev has written a number of works on the military-political aspects of US imperialist activity. Here he analyses the military-industrial complex (MIC), the alliance of the largest monopolies and the military in the state apparatus.

He shows the class substance of the MIC and the conditions which have led to its emergence, and considers the structure, forms and methods of its activity and its role in the US economy, politics, and ideology.

With the swing away from the cold war and towards detente, and the even broader acceptance of the principles of peaceful coexistence, the MIC appears as the chief adversary of the new tendencies in international affairs. While it is forced to adapt to the realities and modify its tactics, the substance and purposes have not changes: it has carried on its programme of expansion and arms race, which is having a negative impact on the country’s economy and the condition of the US working people.

Contents include:

In Washington’s “Corridors of Power”
Congressional “Advice and Consent”
Militarist Technocrats
The Pentagon’s Propaganda Machine
Collapse of the Messianic Conception