The Natural History of Man – John Kennedy (1851) (1st ed)


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The Natural History of Man – John Kennedy (1851) (1st ed)


Title: The Natural History of Man, or, Popular Chapters on Ethnography

Author: John Kennedy

Publisher: John Cassell, London, 1851. First edition. 2 vols in one.

Condition: Leatherbound, calf. Very good. Some rubbing to spine and cover. Tanned but clean pages. Interior very good, with in-text engravings. Vol 1 – 144pp, vol 2 – 140 pp, excluding index at the back. App 6.5″ by 4″.

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About the book:

An interesting 19th century work on ethnography, discussing the origins of the human race, and the different races of man and their characteristics. 2 volumes in one, with in-text engravings.


Introduction – the geographical home of man, different classifications, the unity of race

The Indo-European Nations of Europe

The Allophylian Tribes of Europe

The Nations of Asia – Persians, Armenians, Georgians, India, Syro-Arabians, Chinese and Indochinese, Hyperboreans, Tartars

The Nations of Southern Africa

The Nations of Central Africa

The Nations of Northern Africa

The Oceanic Nations – Malayo-Polynesians (Javanese, Sumatra, Malayan Peninsula, the Philippines, Borneo, Polynesians

The Black Races of Oceania

The North American Indians

The South American Nations

The Unity of Race – Are All Mankind of One Parentage?

The Unity of Race – The Linguistic Argument

The Origin and Original Condition of Man

Primitive Condition and Civilisation of the Race