The Philosophy of a Future State – Thomas Dick (1858)


The Philosophy of a Future State – Thomas Dick (1858)


Title: The Philosophy of a Future State

Author: Thomas Dick

Publisher: William Collins, exact date unknown. “New Edition”. Date inscribed suggests no later than 1858.

Condition: Hardcover, full red leather, nicely decorated. Some wear and rubbing to corners and spine edges, otherwise good. Previous owner’s prize bookplate to inner front cover.

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About the author:

Reverend Thomas Dick (24 November 1774 – 29 July 1857), was a British church minister, science teacher and writer, known for his works on astronomy and practical philosophy, combining science and Christianity, and arguing for a harmony between the two.

Thomas Dick’s books enabled the advances made by the Scottish Enlightenment in the previous century to flourish alongside Victorian moral and religious thinking. They influenced many scientists, engineers, politicians, writers and thinkers. For instance David Livingstone, who inspired health care, education and the end of slavery in central Africa, regarded Dick’s Philosophy of a Future State as his most important influence after the Bible.

In The Philosophy of a Future State, first published in 1829, he developed a Christian theology compatible with the empirical science of Francis Bacon who advocated “a progressive and continuously increasing mastery over nature through the systematic and uninterrupted pursuit of knowledge.”

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