The Story Of Mohammed – Edith Holland (1921)


The Story Of Mohammed – Edith Holland (1921)


Title: The Story of Mohammed

Author: Edith Holland, Morris Meredith Williams (illus)

Publisher: George Harrap & Company, 1921. Second printing.

Condition: Hardcover, cloth. With several black and white illustrations and colour frontis. Stains on cover and discolouration of spine, otherwise good.

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This book tells the life story of Mohammed, founder of Islam, from his early years as a camel driver who married a wealthy widow, to his eventual triumph over all of the pagans who controlled the worship of religious idols at the Kaaba in Mecca. Mohammed and his small band of followers endured decades of persecution before prevailing over his enemies and bringing Arabia to the new faith.


A few years after St. Augustine landed on the Isle of Thanet to preach Christianity to the people of Britain, Mohammed, the Prophet of Arabia, began to preach against the idolatry of his native land, exhorting his country-men to the worship of the True God. He met with much opposition, but succeeded in the end in overthrowing idolatry and establishing the faith of Islam throughout the greater part of Arabia. The wandering tribes of the desert, united by the ties of a common faith, became a great nation, and spread themselves over many of the countries of Asia and Northern Africa. They even crossed the Straits of Gibraltar and founded a kingdom in Spain. During several hundred years the followers of Mohammed were the chief promoters of art, science, and literature. More than once a Mohammedan race threatened to overrun Europe, an event which would have changed the whole course of history; it was about a thousand years before such a possibility disappeared. At the present day many millions of the inhabitants of India, Persia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt, and various parts of Africa are Moslems, or followers of the Prophet Mohammed; it is but right that we should know something of the founder of so wide-spread a faith, and of the beliefs professed by so many of our fellow-men.


Arabia and Its Tribes
The Year of the Elephant
The Youth of Mohammed
Mohammed as a Prophet
The Year of Mourning
The Pledge of Al—Akabah
The Flight from Meccah
The City of the Prophet
Mohammed as a Lawgiver
The Day of Deliverance
The Field of Uhud
The Siege of Medinah
The Pledge of the Tree
The Taking of Meccah
The Submission of Taif
The Farewell Pilgrimage