The Story of the Nations (1890 – 1908)


The Story of the Nations (1890 – 1908)


Title: The Story of the Nations: Modern France, Russia, The Papal Monarchy, Spain, The Roman Empire
Author: Edward Everett and Susan Hale, Morfill, H. E. Watts, Andre-
Le Bon, William Barry
Publisher: T Fisher Unwin, 1890 – 1908
Condition: Hardcover, Green cloth. Very very good for their age, but some markings inside. Tightly bound, illustrated. Extremely heavy. Each volume sold separately.

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Each volume is being sold separately. Please let us know which volume you would like when you buy using the cart, and we will mail you that one.

Modern France

Russia – SOLD

The Papal Monarchy


The Roman Empire

About the books (taken from an advertisement from 1903):

MESSRS. G. P. PUTNAM’S SONS take pleasure in announcing that they have in course of publication, in co-operation with Mr. T. Fisher Unwin, of London, a series of historical studies, intended to present in a graphic manner the stories of the different nations that have attained prominence in history.

In the story form the current of each national life is distinctly indicated, and its picturesque and noteworthy periods and episodes are presented for the reader in their philosophical relation to each other as well as to universal history.

It is the plan of the writers of the different volumes to enter into the real life of the peoples, and to bring them before the reader as they actually lived, labored, and struggled – as they studied and wrote, and as they amused themselves. In carrying out this plan, the myths, with which the history of all lands begins, will not be overlooked, though these will be carefully distinguished from the actual history, so far as the labors of the accepted historical authorities have resulted in definite conclusions.

The subjects of the different volumes have been planned to cover connecting and, as far as possible, consecutive epochs or periods, so that the set when completed will present in a comprehensive narrative the chief events in the great Story OF THE Nations; but it is, of course, not always practicable to issue the several volumes in their chronological order The “Stories” are printed in good readable type, and in handsome 12mo form. They are adequately illustrated and furnished with maps and indexes.