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The Works of Shakespeare: Tragedies & Poems (1890s)


The Works of Shakespeare: Tragedies & Poems (1890s)


Title: The Pictorial Edition of the Works of Shakspere: Vol 1 and 2, Tragedies and Poems

Author: William Shakespeare, Charles Knight (ed)

Publisher: George Routledge and Sons, London. No date, most probably circa 1890.

Condition: Hardcover, huge volume with leather spine and corners and textured silk boards. Light wear, browning of the interior, but very good, firmly bound, a lovely book. Modern rebinding.

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All of Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Poems, The Pictorial Edition, two volumes bound as one. Extensively illustrated with beautiful engravings, in excellent condition.

About the editor (from Wikipedia):

Charles Knight (15 March 1791 – 9 March 1873) was an English publisher, editor and author. He published and contributed to works such as The Penny Magazine, The Penny Cyclopaedia, and The English Cyclopaedia, and established the Local Government Chronicle.

Besides many illustrated editions of standard works, including in 1842 an edition of the works of William Shakespeare entitled The Pictorial Shakspere, which had appeared in parts (1838–1841), Knight published a variety of illustrated works, such as Old England and The Land we Live in and The Pictorial Gallery of Arts – Useful Arts, the latter based on the Great Exhibition of 1851. He also undertook the series known as Weekly Volumes, himself contributing the first volume, a biography of William Caxton. Many famous books, Harriet Martineau’s Tales, Anna Brownell Jameson’s Early Italian Painters and G. H. Lewes’s Biographical History of Philosophy, appeared for the first time in this series.