Tropic Temper – James Kirkup (1965)


Tropic Temper – James Kirkup (1965)


Title: Tropic Temper

Author: James Kirkup

Publisher: Collins, London, 1965.

Condition: Hardcover, with dust jacket. Very good. Very slight wear to dust jacket and book.

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From jacket flap:

In this memoir of Malaya, James Kirkup describes what happened to him during the year he lived there, teaching at the University of Kuala Lumpur and travelling wherever and whenever the spirit moved him. At first depressed and infuriated by the country, which he kept comparing unfavourably with his beloved Japan, it was only after he had learned something about its problems and the three races who lived there that his appreciation and affection grew. The book, like its author, is idiosyncratic, frank, non-conformist and engagingly uninhibited.

Contents include:

By Train Through Jungle

Kuala l’Impure

Caves, Markets, Temples


The White Man’s Burden

Flowers, Trees, Animals

A Cycle of Cathay

Kung Hi Fatt Choy!

Books and Journeys

The Champak Odours Fail

Feasting and Fasting