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Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things volume 2

I don’t care what people say, this book has to be one of the best I’ve read of late.

I know, I know Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things isn’t the most novel theme in the world, and especially not for a Singaporean. In fact, this book is even somewhat redundant – one only needs to read Malaysian news for his daily dosage of Malaysian political humour. But there’s nothing like reading page after page of quotes from Malaysian politicians, accompanied by ludicrous cartoon illustrations that do not help disprove stereotypes of Malaysian politics.

“We know that it is harmful to sniff glue but we have to find out whether it is dangerous to do so with cow dung.” – Health Minister Lim Kim (Kena?) Sai

“In addition to being fined, these irresponsible men should be caned and preferably until they become impotent.” – Nik Aziz, on suitable punishment for polygamous men who neglect the welfare of their wives.

I am now in active search of Volume 1. Please e-mail GOHD if you’d like to sell your copy!