A Short History of the Papacy – Mary Bell (1921) (1st ed)


A Short History of the Papacy – Mary Bell (1921) (1st ed)


Title: A Short History of the Papacy

Author: Mary I. M. Bell

Publisher: Methuen & Co., 1921. First edition.

Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket. Fair. Corners bumped. Foxing to edges, and slight foxing to text. Some portions of the text underlined in pencil. Front hinge slightly cracked. 390pp., app 8″x5″.

A detailed history of the Papacy in Europe from the birth of Christianity to modern times, focusing on The Dark Ages, The Middle Ages, and The Renaissance and the Reformation. Although the history is centred on Roman Catholicism, the prominent place of the Papacy in European history essentially means that this book is a concise history of Europe analysed in terms of the politics of the Papacy. This book is fairly academic and written from the point of view of an historian rather than from a spiritual perspective.

Contents include:

The Rise of Spiritual Power (Conversion of Constantine, the Fall of Rome, Leo the Great, Gothic Rule, Moral Supremacy)

The Dark Ages (The Breach between East and West, the Franks, the Carolingian Empire, The Papacy under Hildebrand, etc)

The Middle Ages (The Investiture War, the Republican Movement, Consolidation of Papal Monarchy, The Babylonish Captivity and the Beginnings of Intellectual Revival, The Schism)

The Renaissance and the Reformation (The Renaissance Popes, the Secular Papacy, The Reformation, etc)

The Papacy in Modern History (up to 1846)