Destined Meeting – Leslie Bell (1959)


Destined Meeting – Leslie Bell (1959)


The story of the medical POWs during WW2 in Singapore.

Title: Destined Meeting

Author: Leslie Bell

Publisher: Readers Book Club, 1959.

Condition: Hardcover, with dust jacket. Reading copy only. Stained with some water damage. Tears to dust jacket and a sticker on spine. Foxing and tanning. With black and white plates. 255pp., app 7″ by 4.5″.

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From jacket flap:

Destined Meeting turns an all-revealing spotlight on the conditions and activities in the Japanese P.O.W. and internment camps on Singapore, where imprisoned medical men were forced to perform miracles of improvised surgery, and use any materials they could scrape up to make false limbs for crippled fellow-prisoners. The book stands as a lasting tribute to these brave, resourceful doctors and surgeons – and to the women prisoners who aided the cause so nobly by keeping their own hearts steadfast.

Interwoven is the incredible but true story of Dr Philip Bloom and his wife, Freddy, who were married during the 70 days siege of Singapore, and later interned in separate camps. Freddy Bloom, a temporary nurse, apart from sharing the sufferings of 400 other women and 80 children, fell victim to the dreaded Japanese Kempei Tai, and was locked for days and nights in a “cage” with imprisoned men.

Here is a deeply moving story, put on record for the first time only after intensive investigation. Destined Meeting reveals not only the savagery of war on civilians, but also the compassion, tenderness and hope that eternally strengthens the human spirit.