Sequel to Colonialism – Willard A. Hanna (1965)


Sequel to Colonialism – Willard A. Hanna (1965)


Title: Sequel to Colonialism: The 1957-1960 Foundations for Malaysia

Author: Willard A. Hanna

Publisher: American Universities Field Staff, 1965.

Condition: Hardcover, with dust jacket. Ex-library book, with all library markings. Otherwise good.

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About the book (from dust jacket):

As Willard A. Hanna reveals in this book, the story of the Federation of Malaysia and of the assault on that new state by Indonesia under President Sukarno’s policy of Konfrontasi starts some years before the idea of federation was suggested.

Having recorded the history of the federation from proposal to constitution in The Formation of Malaysia, Mr. Hanna now goes back to show why four former British colonies, Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, and Borneo, were ready to be melded into a workable economic and political unit.

The chapters of Sequel to Colonialism were written over a four-year period while history was very much in the making. They provide a general introduction to the Malaya states, a record of critical episodes in their political development, a survey of key economic activities, and an analysis of international relations.